Butt Sniffer Phone Sex

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Baby BrittI know your little secret! It’s hard to deny when I saw you sniffing your phone sex daughter’s panties when you had me come over to babysit. You just needed one last sniff before you went out with your wife.

I think you love me babysitting your little girl because you know I don’t always wear panties. About a month ago, I was sitting on your kitchen chair wearing a mini denim skirt and with my bare ass pressed against the wood. I was waiting for you to pay me and when I got up and walked towards the front door, I looked back and your nose was buried into the chair and you licked the seat where my ass was sitting. I saw your eyes roll back into your head and you were going to remember my butt smell for when you jerk off later.

I think you just like the young girl butt juice. Could you imagine if your wife found out? Wouldn’t she be shocked you secretly want to tongue your daughters and babysitters assholes!!! Since I know you’re a true butt sniffer freak, I think it’s time for a pay raise next time I babysit. Who knows, I might just give you my sweet, tender ass for some extra cash and if you’re super lucky, you might have both of our butts in your face.

Babysitter Britt

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There’s a reason you keep calling me every weekend to babysit your kids. I know you love my hip hugger jeans with my pretty little thong hanging out. Your wife doesn’t like me, I can tell and I know she wants you to call other babysitters but you insist on having me come to your house. When I get to your home, you always flirt with me while you’re wife is still getting ready. I always flirt right back with you and I ask you inappropriate questions just so I can see you blush. When it’s time for you to leave, I know you don’t want to go. You would rather be going out with me and leaving your wife and kids at home. I bet when you’re out, you are thinking about me the whole time. Thinking about my tight, barely legal body and wondering what it would be like to look down and have your slutty little babysitters mouth wrapped around your married cock. Your wife is so thrilled to have a night out with her husband without the kids but all your concentration is thinking about little me.


Next time you call me to babysit, I will tell you that my car is broke down and you need to come pick me up. Before we go back to your house, I want to go on a secluded road and show you what a bad little babysitter I really am. My tight, teenage pussy is going to do things that your married cock has never experienced before.


Call me for all your naughty babysitting needs!


Baby Britt


The Naughty Babysitter!

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The Babysitter is a fantasy I get calls for all the time. I enjoy these as one of my favorite types of calls. I love playing the sexy, seductive babysitter for a sex starved man of the house. It really gets me going, especially when I ask for a big fat raise after giving him some head. I usually then have to prove I am worth a big fat raise, and I do just that, again and again. I love it when a big fat raise cums my way!

“Hey boss, everyone is sleeping. I was wondering if we could discuss my salary and maybe getting a raise to compensate any new duties you’d like me to perform for you on a regular basis.”

It thrills me to know how easy it is to get my boss to relent, just by using my body and pussy to put him in a trance that can not be broken. Only spoiling me rotten will help you now!!

Love getting caught in the act!

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Since I was 13, one of my biggest turn-ons has been getting caught! I remember playing with my pussy in bed at night, exploring my ripe little clit. I remember when Daddy opened the door to check in on me and caught me. I froze right away, afraid I was in trouble, but he just stood there peeking in. After a minute or two my cunt was so wet from Daddy watching – I couldn’t help myself! Ever since then Daddy checked in on me almost every night to watch while I got off – even when I started playing with toys! *giggle* I also have a thing for older guys. When I was 16 I babysat the neighbors’ kids – I had a HUGE crush on their dad. We started fooling around when he drove me home late at night. He would pull out his rock-hard cock and let me stroke and lick it till he came. His head was always on the back of my head so I would have to swallow every last drop! One night we waited until everyone was in bed and started fucking right in the kitchen…He was just about to cum in my wet, throbbing pussy when his wife walked in (while I was scared of what she’d do I still loved getting caught!). To my surprise she joined right in – she even fucked me with her strap-on while he came all over my face! As you can tell by now I’m a total cumslut – my pussy drips uncontrollably when I hear a guy cumming or jerking off while I finger myself…Call me and find out how wet I get while I fulfill your WILDEST fantasies!

Loveable and most sensational

Baby Britt 

Bad Babysitter Britt

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You come home from a night out with your wife. You see me watching tv on the couch with my little short jean shorts and my tiny tank top revealing my perky, puffy nipples. The kids are asleep and your wife is exhausted and heads upstairs to bed. It’s time to take me home but you’re feeling a little tired so I tell you I don’t have to be home anytime soon and I ask you to come sit on the couch with me. I put my arm around you and gently rub the back of your head and tell you how hot you look tonight. You look at me and you’re in shock I’m flirting with you. Next thing you know, I straddle my petite body on top of you and start kissing you. You stop me and think this is  inappropriate behavior and I grab your cock through your pants and tell you it’s okay your wife will never know. I take off my tank top and put my perfect little titties in your face. You can’t help but to suck them and I can feel your hard cock growing even more through my shorts. I tell you I need your cock so badly, I need it in my pussy at that very moment. I take off my shorts and pull down your pants and sit right on your cock and begin to ride it. It feels so good I can’t help but to moan loudly. You cover my mouth so your wife doesn’t hear. I slide my extra tight pussy up and down on your shaft, my pussy lips gripping your cock. You want to cum so bad because it feels so tight. You haven’t felt a pussy so tight like this since you were in high school. You want to pull out and cum on my tits but I demand you to cum inside me. You ask me if I am on any sort of birth control and I respond no I’m only 14! I won’t get off your cock and I tell you it’s okay that I want all your cum deep in me. You can’t take it anymore and as soon as you’re about to cum I bend down and whisper in ear that I want you to get me pregnant. Once you hear me say that, you shoot your load deep in me.


I get up and I can feel your hot cum dripping down my leg. I take my finger and scoop it up and put it in my mouth. I turn around and your devastated wife is standing in the hallway. I walk over to her and put my fingers in my cummed filled pussy and then put my fingers on her lips. I told her that her husbands cock popped my cherry and hopefully I will get pregnant with your husbands baby!