Butt Sniffer Phone Sex

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Baby BrittI know your little secret! It’s hard to deny when I saw you sniffing your phone sex daughter’s panties when you had me come over to babysit. You just needed one last sniff before you went out with your wife.

I think you love me babysitting your little girl because you know I don’t always wear panties. About a month ago, I was sitting on your kitchen chair wearing a mini denim skirt and with my bare ass pressed against the wood. I was waiting for you to pay me and when I got up and walked towards the front door, I looked back and your nose was buried into the chair and you licked the seat where my ass was sitting. I saw your eyes roll back into your head and you were going to remember my butt smell for when you jerk off later.

I think you just like the young girl butt juice. Could you imagine if your wife found out? Wouldn’t she be shocked you secretly want to tongue your daughters and babysitters assholes!!! Since I know you’re a true butt sniffer freak, I think it’s time for a pay raise next time I babysit. Who knows, I might just give you my sweet, tender ass for some extra cash and if you’re super lucky, you might have both of our butts in your face.

Sloppy Seconds

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Lately, I’ve been having my boyfriend come over and we have been having sex in my bedroom. Normally, I go to his place but his roommate and his weird girlfriend are constantly there.

My step-dad came into my bedroom last night and told me he’s been watching me fuck my boyfriend. I was in complete shock because I didn’t think he was ever home. He told me he will continue to let my boyfriend come over; on one condition. My daddy said that after he leaves, he gets to come to my room and their better be a big, cream pie waiting for him.

So, last night my boyfriend came over and daddy hid in my closet so he could get a close look at his step-daughters hot, teen pussy getting pounded.

Since I knew my daddy was watching this time, I put on more of a show. My boyfriend wanted to cum on my face but I demanded him to cum in my pussy; knowing my daddy would be really upset if that cum wasn’t in my creamy cunnie. After my boyfriend blew a huge, thick load in my pussy, I told him he had to leave. Normally, we chill for awhile but I kicked him out of the house right after we fucked. I walked back into my bedroom and daddy was waiting for me on my bed with his big, hard daddy cock in his hand. He told me to get on all fours and back my dripping pussy to his mouth. Daddy’s tongue felt so good inside me and he devoured my cum-filled pussy for the longest time. He said it tasted so good that he would be visitng my room on a daily basis.

I say “Sloppy Seconds” because seconds after my boyfriend leaves, daddy is there cleaning up my wet, sloppy pussy.


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My daddy’s love to fill up my barely legal pussy with their hot, daddy cum. I get asked ALL THE TIME if they can cum inside me and I will never turn down a huge daddy load. I do have to warn you though, my pussy is very fertile and you may get me pregnant. Your cock instantly grew just thinking about making a baby with me. Most girls my age would make you wear a condom or have you pull out but not me. I will demand for you to shoot your massive cum deep inside me. You can fuck me over and over again till you get what you want.


Why do you think I am called “Baby” Britt? Now you get the idea. Put your cock in me already and let’s get some of your daddy cum inside my fertile pussy.

Absolute Cock Whore~

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 I just love to worship cock. The bigger and thicker the cock… the more I crave to feel it inside me, tearing my tiny pussy apart…. mmmm yes! Just thinking about cock makes my pussy dripping wet with anticipation. When I was younger, I walked by my Mom’s room and saw her boyfriend changing. His cock was rock hard, so big and thick that I just wished I could get closer to it, caress his hard cock from its head all the way down its stiff shaft. He caught me and let me wrap my little hand around his huge cock and stroke it. My little pussy felt so wet and tingly. I was captivated by every part of it as I stroked harder and faster. I couldn’t help myself I sucked on the tip of his cock trying to get the warm surprise I knew was inside to gush into my mouth. As he spurted his warm cum into my welcoming mouth I gasped “yes Daddy! More!” We never spoke of it again, but we had this secret that was ours alone. Do you want to be my daddy? I would love to be your little slut baby and do any and every dirty thing to make your big, thick cock squirt. Cum for me, Daddy!!!

Midnight Snack

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Lately, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and creeping down stairs for a midnight late snack. I normally just wear a tiny thong and that’s it.

I try to be extra quite but somehow I wake up Daddy. He walks in the kitchen only to find his little girl bent over the fridge and my little girl pussy lips hanging out of my thong.

It gets him so incredibly turned on that he has no other choice but to come up from behind me and start to rub my little girl titties and play with my wet pussy. He pushes his throbbing hard cock up against my hot lil ass and I can’t take the temptation any longer. I just have to have Daddy’s cock inside of me. He pulls my thong down and starts fucking my pussy and then when his cock is super soaked from my pussy juice he then slides it on my tight, teen ass! After a couple thrusts in my ass, he usually has to blow pretty hard. I turn around and take his cock deep into my mouth and swallow all of Daddy’s hot jizz. Mmmmm I love midnight snack.

Small Tit Britt

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I’ve always looked like a little girl. All the other young teen girls I knew were getting big boobs and being chased after by boys, and my little teen tits never got any bigger. No boy wants to have sex with a little girl.

Daddy said while boys chase after the girls with big tits, daddies like girls with cute boobies like mine. I told him I needed a boob job, but he just laughed, making me show him my naked boobies.

After squeezing my little boobies and my puffy nipples, he declared my small tits perfect. He said they were like little cupcakes and would look good with frosting on them!

I’ll let you frost my tiny titties and more when you call me for some age play phone sex.

Baby Britt


Pleasing Daddy

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I love learning new things, having new experiences with my Daddy. I love how he always takes care of me and I want to take care of him. Daddy had such a hard day last week. He came home all tired and crabby. No one could make him happy until his little girl sat on his lap. I let him toy with my hot, little body and saw a smile cross his face.
He went to change clothes; I followed eager to make him happier. Daddy was delighted that I wanted to help him. He took control of me and made my body please him. I have to be honest, it pleased me too. I loved feeling his load enter me and seeing the look on his face as he exploded. He was so happy, the day seemed to melt away from his face.
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Love getting caught in the act!

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Since I was 13, one of my biggest turn-ons has been getting caught! I remember playing with my pussy in bed at night, exploring my ripe little clit. I remember when Daddy opened the door to check in on me and caught me. I froze right away, afraid I was in trouble, but he just stood there peeking in. After a minute or two my cunt was so wet from Daddy watching – I couldn’t help myself! Ever since then Daddy checked in on me almost every night to watch while I got off – even when I started playing with toys! *giggle* I also have a thing for older guys. When I was 16 I babysat the neighbors’ kids – I had a HUGE crush on their dad. We started fooling around when he drove me home late at night. He would pull out his rock-hard cock and let me stroke and lick it till he came. His head was always on the back of my head so I would have to swallow every last drop! One night we waited until everyone was in bed and started fucking right in the kitchen…He was just about to cum in my wet, throbbing pussy when his wife walked in (while I was scared of what she’d do I still loved getting caught!). To my surprise she joined right in – she even fucked me with her strap-on while he came all over my face! As you can tell by now I’m a total cumslut – my pussy drips uncontrollably when I hear a guy cumming or jerking off while I finger myself…Call me and find out how wet I get while I fulfill your WILDEST fantasies!

Loveable and most sensational

Baby Britt 

Spending time with daddy!

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Most of my friends daddy’s don’t spend a lot of time with them but mine does. My daddy shows me how much he loves me everyday. He takes me shopping, he buys me presents and he always lets me cum after I’ve pleased him. But daddy is strict and he will punish me if I disobey him. If I cum before he shoots his load he will spank my lil white ass until it’s red and raw. Boy! Do those flaming cheeks hurt as they jiggle around his cock as he viciously butt slams me from behind! His hands are like bear paws and he can grip and squeeze my whole tender behind as he thrusts his prick in hard and deep again and again.

All Good Things Do CUM In Small Packages!

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ALL GREAT THINGS DO CUM IN SMALL PACKAGES and here’s why! I have a body of a 12 year old girl. It’s okay I know it’s true and it turns me on that I’m so petite and tiny. I am the perfect tender package because I fulfill any pedo fantasy you may have.

You might have your eye on a little girl at the playground and then you see me and I’m the one who can help you reach your pedo climax fantasy! I can even be your accomplice and help you abduct small girls so we can have our fun with them.

You may look at me and think I look like your younger sister. I’m awesome at creative Brother/Sister role-plays. I always loved looking up to my older brother and I love putting on sexy outfits trying to seduce him every way imaginable!

You might even wanted to know what it is like being with your own daughter. I absolutely love being a daddy’s girl and would never say no to my Daddy. I would assure you when Daddy came home from work I would be right there in my favorite position ready to please him!

With me, the possibilities are endless! I would love to fulfill every incest, pedo, sick and twisted fantasy you have. I’m the perfect young age and the exact size you need me to be. So you see, all good things do CUM in small packages.

Ready to get naughty,

Baby Britt