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My daddy’s love to fill up my barely legal pussy with their hot, daddy cum. I get asked ALL THE TIME if they can cum inside me and I will never turn down a huge daddy load. I do have to warn you though, my pussy is very fertile and you may get me pregnant. Your cock instantly grew just thinking about making a baby with me. Most girls my age would make you wear a condom or have you pull out but not me. I will demand for you to shoot your massive cum deep inside me. You can fuck me over and over again till you get what you want.


Why do you think I am called “Baby” Britt? Now you get the idea. Put your cock in me already and let’s get some of your daddy cum inside my fertile pussy.

Bad Babysitter Britt

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You come home from a night out with your wife. You see me watching tv on the couch with my little short jean shorts and my tiny tank top revealing my perky, puffy nipples. The kids are asleep and your wife is exhausted and heads upstairs to bed. It’s time to take me home but you’re feeling a little tired so I tell you I don’t have to be home anytime soon and I ask you to come sit on the couch with me. I put my arm around you and gently rub the back of your head and tell you how hot you look tonight. You look at me and you’re in shock I’m flirting with you. Next thing you know, I straddle my petite body on top of you and start kissing you. You stop me and think this is  inappropriate behavior and I grab your cock through your pants and tell you it’s okay your wife will never know. I take off my tank top and put my perfect little titties in your face. You can’t help but to suck them and I can feel your hard cock growing even more through my shorts. I tell you I need your cock so badly, I need it in my pussy at that very moment. I take off my shorts and pull down your pants and sit right on your cock and begin to ride it. It feels so good I can’t help but to moan loudly. You cover my mouth so your wife doesn’t hear. I slide my extra tight pussy up and down on your shaft, my pussy lips gripping your cock. You want to cum so bad because it feels so tight. You haven’t felt a pussy so tight like this since you were in high school. You want to pull out and cum on my tits but I demand you to cum inside me. You ask me if I am on any sort of birth control and I respond no I’m only 14! I won’t get off your cock and I tell you it’s okay that I want all your cum deep in me. You can’t take it anymore and as soon as you’re about to cum I bend down and whisper in ear that I want you to get me pregnant. Once you hear me say that, you shoot your load deep in me.


I get up and I can feel your hot cum dripping down my leg. I take my finger and scoop it up and put it in my mouth. I turn around and your devastated wife is standing in the hallway. I walk over to her and put my fingers in my cummed filled pussy and then put my fingers on her lips. I told her that her husbands cock popped my cherry and hopefully I will get pregnant with your husbands baby!