Step-Daddy Fun!

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I’m just a girl that has always been attracted to older men. I’ve had flings with my teachers, male and female, and recently I fucked and sucked my new step daddy until his body shook. My mother got remarried recently and my step dad is hot, and from the first time I saw him I wanted to taste his cock, feel it inside of me penetrating me deep. I love to tease him by coming out of the shower in a small towel that barely covers my ass and tits, and “accidentally” bumping into him rubbing my ass and tits against his body. I also “forget” to close my bedroom door when changing or masturbating, I’ve even seen him watch me when he thought I wasn’t looking.

I would wear my short shorts or high skirts, and “whoops, sorry I backed into you daddy”, what’s that in your pants and why is it growing so big and hard I would think to myself. I’d sit at dinner with one finger rubbing my pussy gently and when mom wasn’t looking I would look right at him the pleasure so obvious on my face, pull out my finger and suck on the tip slowly while staring at him

I knew when mom was away on a business trip I would have my chance to fuck, and suck him like he has never had before. He could barely look at me without pitching a tent, it was cute. I used to see him flick it hard with his finger to soften his hard cock so it wasn’t so obvious to my mom how he felt about me. The first night mom was away he tried so hard to make things normal, we sat down to dinner, the conversation was lame, and fatherly, but behind the facade I saw how bad he needed me, how he wanted to fuck me hard in the pussy, ass and mouth.

Not wanting to waste a moment, I looked at him in the eyes lustfully from across the table, I purposely wore a cut off shirt that was showing the bottom of my tits which he could barely keep his eyes off of, my puffy nipples were so hard they looked like they were carved out of stone through the tiny shirt I had on. I also wore a short skirt, and no underwear, he didn’t have a chance.

While staring at him with lust in my eyes, I slowly slid under the table, he was quiet with anticipation, I crawled over to him, and slowly rubbed his cock with my hand and felt his cock harden quickly. I unbuttoned his pants, and slowly pulled the zipper down. His underwear could barely contain his raging cock. I pulled out his cock and put my lips around the head and slowly ran my tongue around his head for a few seconds, feeling his cock head pulsate, I took his shaft into my mouth and down my throat slowly, inch by inch until I reached the base of his cock. I sucked hard, and heard him groan with pleasure loudly.

He pushed the table away from him so he could grab my hair, he said “this is bad, you’re a bad girl Britt”. “Do you want me to stop?” I asked him and he just grabbed my head and forced my mouth over his cock again and I obliged willingly and enthusiastically. His pre-cum was dripping down my chin when he yanked me up by the hair with such force I was eye to eye with him, he then stuck his tongue down my throat and pinched my nipples hard.

He looked me in the eyes and said “You want to fuck daddy bitch”, he said it in a way that sort of scared and stimulated me, I said “please daddy, fuck me, please……” He bent me over the table and licked the crack of my ass and stopped at my pussy and penetrated me with his tongue as deep as he could, I was soaking wet. I came fast, it was wet. he rubbed his fingers in my pussy, getting them all wet with my juices and rubbed them all over his hard cock. He rammed his hard cock into my pussy from behind, one hand pulling my hair, the other reaching around and rubbing my clit hard. I was dizzy with pleasure. He thrust harder and harder, and when I least expected it he spanked my ass hard which made me cum again….

Bad Babysitter Britt

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You come home from a night out with your wife. You see me watching tv on the couch with my little short jean shorts and my tiny tank top revealing my perky, puffy nipples. The kids are asleep and your wife is exhausted and heads upstairs to bed. It’s time to take me home but you’re feeling a little tired so I tell you I don’t have to be home anytime soon and I ask you to come sit on the couch with me. I put my arm around you and gently rub the back of your head and tell you how hot you look tonight. You look at me and you’re in shock I’m flirting with you. Next thing you know, I straddle my petite body on top of you and start kissing you. You stop me and think this is  inappropriate behavior and I grab your cock through your pants and tell you it’s okay your wife will never know. I take off my tank top and put my perfect little titties in your face. You can’t help but to suck them and I can feel your hard cock growing even more through my shorts. I tell you I need your cock so badly, I need it in my pussy at that very moment. I take off my shorts and pull down your pants and sit right on your cock and begin to ride it. It feels so good I can’t help but to moan loudly. You cover my mouth so your wife doesn’t hear. I slide my extra tight pussy up and down on your shaft, my pussy lips gripping your cock. You want to cum so bad because it feels so tight. You haven’t felt a pussy so tight like this since you were in high school. You want to pull out and cum on my tits but I demand you to cum inside me. You ask me if I am on any sort of birth control and I respond no I’m only 14! I won’t get off your cock and I tell you it’s okay that I want all your cum deep in me. You can’t take it anymore and as soon as you’re about to cum I bend down and whisper in ear that I want you to get me pregnant. Once you hear me say that, you shoot your load deep in me.


I get up and I can feel your hot cum dripping down my leg. I take my finger and scoop it up and put it in my mouth. I turn around and your devastated wife is standing in the hallway. I walk over to her and put my fingers in my cummed filled pussy and then put my fingers on her lips. I told her that her husbands cock popped my cherry and hopefully I will get pregnant with your husbands baby!