Butt Sniffer Phone Sex

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Baby BrittI know your little secret! It’s hard to deny when I saw you sniffing your phone sex daughter’s panties when you had me come over to babysit. You just needed one last sniff before you went out with your wife.

I think you love me babysitting your little girl because you know I don’t always wear panties. About a month ago, I was sitting on your kitchen chair wearing a mini denim skirt and with my bare ass pressed against the wood. I was waiting for you to pay me and when I got up and walked towards the front door, I looked back and your nose was buried into the chair and you licked the seat where my ass was sitting. I saw your eyes roll back into your head and you were going to remember my butt smell for when you jerk off later.

I think you just like the young girl butt juice. Could you imagine if your wife found out? Wouldn’t she be shocked you secretly want to tongue your daughters and babysitters assholes!!! Since I know you’re a true butt sniffer freak, I think it’s time for a pay raise next time I babysit. Who knows, I might just give you my sweet, tender ass for some extra cash and if you’re super lucky, you might have both of our butts in your face.

All Good Things Do CUM In Small Packages!

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ALL GREAT THINGS DO CUM IN SMALL PACKAGES and here’s why! I have a body of a 12 year old girl. It’s okay I know it’s true and it turns me on that I’m so petite and tiny. I am the perfect tender package because I fulfill any pedo fantasy you may have.

You might have your eye on a little girl at the playground and then you see me and I’m the one who can help you reach your pedo climax fantasy! I can even be your accomplice and help you abduct small girls so we can have our fun with them.

You may look at me and think I look like your younger sister. I’m awesome at creative Brother/Sister role-plays. I always loved looking up to my older brother and I love putting on sexy outfits trying to seduce him every way imaginable!

You might even wanted to know what it is like being with your own daughter. I absolutely love being a daddy’s girl and would never say no to my Daddy. I would assure you when Daddy came home from work I would be right there in my favorite position ready to please him!

With me, the possibilities are endless! I would love to fulfill every incest, pedo, sick and twisted fantasy you have. I’m the perfect young age and the exact size you need me to be. So you see, all good things do CUM in small packages.

Ready to get naughty,

Baby Britt

Abduction Phone Sex

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You’ve been noticing this little neighbor girl next door to you. She finally comes over to your house because her toy ball bounced in your yard. Being the nice neighbor you are, you invite the little girl into your house.

You can’t help but notice how small and tender she is. So innocently cute looking and how hard it makes your cock when you look at her virgin body.
You can’t help yourself  any longer and you pin her down underneath you. You look down at her, she lays perfectly still. Your breath comes in short hard bursts as you drive your hard cock in and out of this sweet piece of pussy meat. She never moves, you let your eyes drift up to her soft neck line, and see the beginnings of the bruises from where you chocked her, while she wiggled on the head of your dick. You think back to only moments ago to when you first forced her down onto that chair in your house, how her mouth opened and shut in sad, pathetic attempts to catch a breath, then at the last moment, you watched her eyes. How that spark, that light seemed to dim, she lost focus as your cock found it’s way inside it’s tight, virgin pussy and you explode!
I love extreme fantasies. I’m one sick twisted little phone bitch!
Your one and only baby~ 888*285*5966


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I’m soft and tender that is why they call me Baby Britt. I just turned 18 and my voice sounds like a baby. I’m into extreme age play and of course I’m a total daddy’s girl. Theres nothing I wouldn’t do for Daddy and I never take advantage of our alone time together. We make good use of our time, all the time (winks). I am very young but I have a very creative mind and I love incest roleplays or anything that involves me being cute as I am. Guys tell me I look sweet and innocent but I can be that domineering teen you always wanted. I’m sweet and kinky but can go to mega bitch in 0.5 seconds. I think you catch my drift. Older men are a total turn on for me. They make my tight little pussy twitch. Everything on me is tight and so is my pussy. I have the tightest pussy around and if you wanna try it out, call me!