I was used as a SEX SLAVE

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As you know I’m only 18 and just out of high school. My mom knows what a slut I was in school and she leaves me with an older couple, so they can keep an eye on me while mom goes shopping! This was a BIG MISTAKE because the couple want me as their sex slave and they use me in every way possible! They made me eat the older woman’s pussy. I suck the husband off and then I let them do all sorts of things to my young, tender body. They even invite their next-door neighbor over to tap my young pussy!! I got myself filled with cock and cum, then they dressed me even though I had cum dripping from every part of my body. My mom picks me up, and she didn’t have a clue to what went on! If she did know, I really don’t think she would of cared and in fact she might of even been disappointed to miss all the action! I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree! 

Baby Britt 


I love it rough!!!

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There is something taboo and fun about rough phone sex all at the same time. You know sometimes you have urges, violent rough urges, and you don’t act them out in your real life and they may even be embarrassing or scare you. But you know that while they turn you on, they also make your dick SUPER HARD. So whether it is rape fantasy or snuff or just something rough and forced, if that turns you on, we should totally make that part of our next phone call.

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Abduction Phone Sex

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You’ve been noticing this little neighbor girl next door to you. She finally comes over to your house because her toy ball bounced in your yard. Being the nice neighbor you are, you invite the little girl into your house.

You can’t help but notice how small and tender she is. So innocently cute looking and how hard it makes your cock when you look at her virgin body.
You can’t help yourself  any longer and you pin her down underneath you. You look down at her, she lays perfectly still. Your breath comes in short hard bursts as you drive your hard cock in and out of this sweet piece of pussy meat. She never moves, you let your eyes drift up to her soft neck line, and see the beginnings of the bruises from where you chocked her, while she wiggled on the head of your dick. You think back to only moments ago to when you first forced her down onto that chair in your house, how her mouth opened and shut in sad, pathetic attempts to catch a breath, then at the last moment, you watched her eyes. How that spark, that light seemed to dim, she lost focus as your cock found it’s way inside it’s tight, virgin pussy and you explode!
I love extreme fantasies. I’m one sick twisted little phone bitch!
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