I was used as a SEX SLAVE

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As you know I’m only 18 and just out of high school. My mom knows what a slut I was in school and she leaves me with an older couple, so they can keep an eye on me while mom goes shopping! This was a BIG MISTAKE because the couple want me as their sex slave and they use me in every way possible! They made me eat the older woman’s pussy. I suck the husband off and then I let them do all sorts of things to my young, tender body. They even invite their next-door neighbor over to tap my young pussy!! I got myself filled with cock and cum, then they dressed me even though I had cum dripping from every part of my body. My mom picks me up, and she didn’t have a clue to what went on! If she did know, I really don’t think she would of cared and in fact she might of even been disappointed to miss all the action! I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree! 

Baby Britt 


Absolute Cock Whore~

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 I just love to worship cock. The bigger and thicker the cock… the more I crave to feel it inside me, tearing my tiny pussy apart…. mmmm yes! Just thinking about cock makes my pussy dripping wet with anticipation. When I was younger, I walked by my Mom’s room and saw her boyfriend changing. His cock was rock hard, so big and thick that I just wished I could get closer to it, caress his hard cock from its head all the way down its stiff shaft. He caught me and let me wrap my little hand around his huge cock and stroke it. My little pussy felt so wet and tingly. I was captivated by every part of it as I stroked harder and faster. I couldn’t help myself I sucked on the tip of his cock trying to get the warm surprise I knew was inside to gush into my mouth. As he spurted his warm cum into my welcoming mouth I gasped “yes Daddy! More!” We never spoke of it again, but we had this secret that was ours alone. Do you want to be my daddy? I would love to be your little slut baby and do any and every dirty thing to make your big, thick cock squirt. Cum for me, Daddy!!!