Midnight Snack

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Lately, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and creeping down stairs for a midnight late snack. I normally just wear a tiny thong and that’s it.

I try to be extra quite but somehow I wake up Daddy. He walks in the kitchen only to find his little girl bent over the fridge and my little girl pussy lips hanging out of my thong.

It gets him so incredibly turned on that he has no other choice but to come up from behind me and start to rub my little girl titties and play with my wet pussy. He pushes his throbbing hard cock up against my hot lil ass and I can’t take the temptation any longer. I just have to have Daddy’s cock inside of me. He pulls my thong down and starts fucking my pussy and then when his cock is super soaked from my pussy juice he then slides it on my tight, teen ass! After a couple thrusts in my ass, he usually has to blow pretty hard. I turn around and take his cock deep into my mouth and swallow all of Daddy’s hot jizz. Mmmmm I love midnight snack.

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