Daddy’s first trip to my bedroom

Posted by Baby Britt | Posted in Age Play Phone Sex, Daddy's Little Girl Phone Sex, Family Fun With Daddy, Incest Phone Sex, Incest Stories, Young Phone Sex Voice | Posted on 08-25-2016

My daddy and I have always had a close relationship. Being the only girl out of 6 kids meant that it was easy to get what I wanted, from all the men in my house. Even when I was very little, I could see that I had Daddy wrapped around my little finger. I know that Daddy liked when I wore barely nothing around the house, with my hair done up in pigtails and my little nightie and tiny shorts that I would wear from soccer practice. I also know that, even before he knew I knew, he’d stand in my doorway when he thought I was sleeping, slowly stroking his hard cock seeing me lying there, in just my little nightie and panties, thinking of what he wanted to do to me. Well, it started out in my doorway, but it seemed like the harder I pretended to sleep and not notice, the closer Daddy would come to the side of my bed, cock out and stroking.

One night I stopped pretending. At first I had my eyes open just enough to see. Then I turned over, and opened my eyes to see my daddy’s cock just inches from my face. Daddy was surprised to find me awake but I think he figured there was no better time than right now to do what he’d been thinking about this whole time.

I felt his cock brushing around my lips, and the tip of it was wet. He kept stroking it, and rubbing it around my lips and then he said he wanted me to suck it. So, he slid the head of his cock in my mouth, sliding the big fat head past the back of my tongue, and fed it to me there while I wrapped my lips around it. My mouth got really wet really quickly, and I was soon slurping on his cock, getting it wet with my mouth. Something else was happening, too. I started to feel funny down in my panties, like something was coming out but it wasn’t pee…there wasn’t enough of it. I reached my hand down to see and I was just sooooo wet. Plus, it felt really good to have my hand down there, so I started rubbing faster and faster. Mmmm it felt so good. Then Daddy noticed what I was doing, and he put his hand on top fo mine in my panties. He parted my fingers with his and ran it up and down the center of my wet little pussy. Then Daddy said that I was a big girl now and that I was ready to take his cock. He moved down my body and took off my panties. I knew that this was gonna make Daddy happy, and I love making my daddy happy. He pressed the head of his fat cock up against my pussy. It was so big, I could barely take it at all, but Daddy knew if he pressed hard enough it would go in. And it did. It was all I could do to keep from waking up Mommy and my brothers, who all slept down the hall. This was my Daddy’s first visit. Do you want to hear more?


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