Nobody puts BABY in the corner!

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Nobody puts baby in the corner because I love to break all the rules! I use to get into trouble all the time. I would sneak out of the house and run away when I don’t get my way.
I would sneak boys in my room at night and fuck them real hard so my parents can hear my headboard slam against the wall. I love getting caught! I love having sex in public and  one time I got caught by the police. I didn’t care, I kept on going. The cop was so turned on by underage pussy he sent my boyfriend home and fucked me in his cop car. He put a nice big, creamy load right inside of me and drove me home. Now every time I see a cute cop my pussy gets instantly soaked!
I really enjoy sucking cock in a moving car in broad daylight while my ass is noticeable from the passenger seat. I love being a dirty little teenage tease, especially love teasing older men with my tight, lil body! I like when older men take me out to a nice dinner and I give them foot jobs under the table. I stroke their cock so hard with my feet that they have cum in their pants before.
I love being extremely kinky and the more kinkier I get the farther I can squirt my cum all over your face!! Nobody can do phone sex like I can. Call and you’ll see what I mean.
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