Mind Control Phone Sex With Baby Britt

Posted by Baby Britt | Posted in Control, Domination Phone Sex, Financial Domination, Mind Control Phone Sex, Tease & Denial Phone Sex, Young Phone Sex Voice | Posted on 02-24-2016

I just did a totally hot call. I was a total mind teaser and I know exactly how to suck you in. I might be young but I know exactly what I am doing when it comes to mind control. I didn’t let the poor bastard cum. Instead he gave me all of his credit cards and wanted me to go shopping. He likes when I use his wallet while jacking his cock off. As long as there was $100 bills flying out, I was happy. I am a 100 percent cock tease and I love to take control and have you at your mercy. It’s funny what guys will do to get this tight lil pussy. I have a lot of my men wrapped around my little finger. They know who’s in charge and they’re willing to do anything for me. Any more Baby Britt takers? If so, sign your name on the dotted line ……………. and follow my commands. Once you’re sucked in there’s no getting back out again! LOL and tons of giggles!!!

Baby Britt